The Baptism of the Lord     January 12, 2020

The Baptism of the Lord     January 12, 2020

I am going on Retreat on Jan 20th. I have to take 4 days off to pray and renew my commitment to Christ. I am not sure where I am doing it, but I might do it close to home in a secret location.

Candle Mass
Feb 2nd is the traditional day known as Candle Mass. It is the day they used to bless all the candles for the year. We are going to bless candles at the beginning of Mass. We will give out a candle to everyone. (A not very expensive candle.) We are also going to have candles that you can order so that you can have several blessed candles at your house. (at Cost) You can also bring candles from home to be blessed. It is a good tradition of the church to keep.

Flu Season
Several people have started to get sick with the flu that I have heard of. I have some sinus stuff going on myself in the last couple of weeks. Because of this and other concerns we are going to suspend Communion under both species. Getting sick really sets myself and others back for weeks and I want to try and avoid it.

Teriyaki Chicken
I love Trader Joe’s teriyaki chicken. It’s frozen chicken with great sauce. The best part is that it is baked chicken and not fried. Non-fried frozen chicken dinners are hard to find. However, I am too lazy to drive all the way to Cherry Hill to get them. It has been over 6 months since I have had any. If anyone works near Trader Joe’s in Cherry Hill let me know if you are willing to pick some up for me!

Fr. Michael