Fourth Sunday of Advent     Dec. 22nd

Fourth Sunday of Advent     Dec. 22nd

Fire safety
We are getting bids to put in exit lighting on the outside of the buildings. I am still looking for someone to volunteer to paint the rectory basement paneling with fire resistant clear coat.

Still exercising but not losing any weight because the party season has begun. Pub French fries are never good for the waistline. I have kept my rule of no sweets in the house and have only eaten them when over for dinner or at a party.

Missy is no longer hiding but is still shy. She will let me pet her but is still hesitant. They like to romp around chasing each other up and down the cat trees. The jacuzzi is finally getting used as a play pen. It is full of old TP rolls, balls and bags which are all fun to chase.

Odd facts about Fr. Goyette
When I was in 2nd grade we cut the top off the pine tree in the front yard. (it was too close to the house.) We made a huge Christmas tree with it. I could craw underneath it and play in the tree with my G. I. Joe action figures. It opened up a whole new world to play in.

Fr. Michael