Second Sunday of Advent     Dec. 8th

Second Sunday of Advent     Dec. 8th

The cats will arrive after I write this, but they should be here tonight. I am looking forward to having furry friends. I bought them a 6-foot cat tree. It was only $40 on sale! My only fear is that the cats will not like sleeping as much as me. Cats have ways of waking you up if they want to.

Sugar Fee
I have been good with my no eating sweets alone. I have not had sweets since Sunday. I seem to always eat all sweets right away, so I can’t keep them in the house. So, you can’t drop sweets off at the rectory, but you can invite me to your place to have them!

New Nativity Sets
We have two new outside Nativity sets donated this year. One is a really big one that we will have outside by the road so people can see it when driving by. The other one is smaller and will be by the church doors. The old outdoor set was getting too old and Jesus was missing.

Dec 8th Immaculate Conception
Since this feast falls on a Sunday, we do not celebrate it on Dec 8th. We will celebrate it on Monday December 9th. The Immaculate Conception is usually a holy day even when it falls on Saturdays and Mondays, but not when it is moved to Monday. However, since we love Our Lady so much here at Our Lady of the Lakes, we will still have a 7pm Mass on Monday Dec 9th so that working people can celebrate the feast also.

Odd Facts About Fr. Goyette
I would rather be reminded to not be late then to actually be late. I would rather be reminded several times not to forget then to actually forget something.

Fr. Michael