First Sunday of Advent Dec. 1st

First Sunday of Advent     Dec. 1st

Power Tools Collection
Last year we were able to buy a snow blower and a leaf blower
with the power tool collection. The leaf blower has gotten a lot of
work and was a great investment. The snow blower, however, has
not had too many opportunities to shine because it did not snow
much last year. It should get a lot of use this year. Thanks to
those who gave to the collection.

The idea of the collection is to give to the church instead
giving Christmas presents to me. The money is used to buy tools
for the parish that normally we could not afford. I don’t need the
money and the church does. It is not part of the normal collections
and so you should not feel any obligation to give to it.

This year I had the idea to buy a high end Weed
Whacker that would last a while. I am also interested in a giant
push blower that can move all the leaves across our fields. The
church does not have a miter saw; this would come in
handy. These are some ideas for this year, but I have
not decided.

Advent is a season of penance just like Lent except not nearly as
intense. Think of it as a mini Lent. You should, however, do
something for Advent to get you ready for Christmas. Reading
from the books that we are giving out is one idea. Coming to daily
Mass and daily rosary are others. You can also give up or cut back
on stuff for Advent like TV, desserts, or internet. Maybe give up
checking your phone during lunch and pray instead. I am going to
give up desserts and sweets when I am home. I will make an
exception for Christmas parties.

Weekly Rosary
On Thursdays at 11am we will be saying the Rosary at Heritage
assisted living in Hammonton. If you are interested in joining
please contact me. We will meet there or try car-pooling. This is
a nice thing to do for Advent as a work of mercy visiting with the
sick and elderly.

Twisted Back
I hurt my back on Wednesday during the night. So, after a
hot shower, cold pack and hanging upside down it is feeling
better. God likes to remind me that I am not young anymore.

Fr. Michael