Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe Nov. 24th

Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe     Nov. 24th

New Missalettes
We are getting hard back books this year. It will save money in two
ways. 1st they will last 8 to 10 years but only cost 3 times as
much. It will cost $2 a year instead of $6. 2nd, they are being paid
for by donations. We will be putting stickers on the inside covers
with the list of those who donated. You will recognize many of them
because they have supported us in the past.

Thank You
Thank you to all those who have helped support the parish in the past
year. We cannot survive without your help. We do not just need
financial support but also those who volunteer around the parish. I
understand that some cannot afford to give much financial support,
but volunteers are just as important. I also understand that some are
very busy and cannot volunteer but help us financially. I also like
those who support us with their prayers. We cannot survive without
the prayers of the parishioners.

Advent Books
I bought Advent books for the parish from Magnificat. They are
cheap; only $1. We also have “Word Among Us” books that we get
for free from the company. The Magnificat has readings for each
day. “Word Among Us” has the readings for each day. Both
companies want you to buy their book and that’s why they are cheap
or free. Both are good. Magnificat is better but costs a lot more,
“Word Among Us” is cheaper.

We will now add obituaries of parishioners to the bulletin. This will
help to keep everyone informed and maybe learn some things about
the people we saw in Mass but never really got to know. That way,
you can associate a story with the name when we pray for them in

Fr. Michael