33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov. 17th

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov. 17th

Priest Lunch
On December 4th about 70 or 80 priests will come to their Advent
day of recollection. We’ll put on lunch for them. This is the time
we get to shine and show off how great of a parish we are. This
is important for our future – that other priests and the Bishop
know how wonderful of a church we are. So, if you would like to
help out let me or Dawn Fountas know. It was events like these
that I got to know about the parish myself.

Parish Council
We are going to have elections this January to add new members
to Parish Council. The number of members has been getting
smaller over the years. The members would be elected for a
3 year term. Start thinking about who would be good to
run. We will ask for names after Christmas.

Collection UP?
Last weeks collection was up. We took in $2700. Everyone
must have been rewarding me for giving a short homily last
week 🙂

Xbox Troubles
Last year my headset cord got caught and was violently pulled
out. The Control plug and the headset was broken. The Elite
control cost $160 so I decided to fix it. I replaced the headphone
plug and bummers. When I plugged them in they worked
except for the mic. This was weird but I was like “ok something
is broken somewhere.” I decided to wait til the Elite 2
controller comes out. This took longer than I thought. It took
almost a year. Well the new controller finally came and guess
what? It had the same problem. I try another controller I had,
same problem. I just spent $170 to find out that the controller
was fine. Well now I have a backup. I got 4 years out of the last
one and its still going.

Rosary at Heritage
Heritage Assisted Living in Hammonton reached out to see if our
parishioners want to visit and pray with their residents. I
suggested saying the rosary once a week. Talking with a few
people we came up with Thursday at 11:00 am. Anyone
interested? You get a rosary done and you make a friend
too! They like visitors and it really brightens up their day. I want
to get several people so you don’t have to go every week.

Fr. Michael