32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Nov. 10th

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov. 10th

Sarah and Orlando
Sarah and Orlando Rivera will talk at the masses this weekend
about Retrovive Marriage weekends. (Orlando is a cousin of
Fr. Rivera in Hammonton.) I have known both of them for many
years. Retrovive is designed to help couples who are having
trouble in their marriage and want help and tools so they can love
each other better.

Stained Glass
I removed the stained glass window in the cry room. I dropped it
off with the guys who are going to be making the new door for
the cry room. It will take a couple of months till it is done. In the
meantime we are installing a regular door to the outside so we
can start using the cry room as a place to pray during the day. I
turned the 70 in TV box into a window box. The widow covered
by heavy cardboard was just the right size to fit the box. I just
had to shorten it. It fit completely snug in it.

Security Plan
I am putting together a security committee to help develop a plan
for emergency or dangerous situations. I am looking for people
who have experience with law enforcement or emergency
response. If you are interested in helping, let me know.

Security Cameras
If the church is going to be open all day, we will need cameras to
make sure things stay safe. I am currently getting bids on the
cameras. It will make the church a safer place – less things
happen when cameras are on site.

Fr. Michael