31st Sunday in Ordinary Time Nov. 3rd

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time     Nov. 3rd

Holy Hour with Relics
The Glove of Padre Pio along with relics of the Little Flower
(St. Therese of Lisieux), St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Francis
De Sales, and St. Patrick will also be there. We will have
Adoration from 7 to 8 pm on Nov. 8th. It will end with
individual blessing with all of the relics. The holy hour will
be half quiet time and half rosary / homily /singing. If you
have special intentions you want to ask the saints to pray
for, come on out.

They are getting bigger. They stopped by for a visit last
Sunday but had to go back to mom. They should be ready
to leave mom for good in a few weeks.

40 Hours Dinner and Mass
I went to Forty hours dinner and Mass down in
Northfield. Fr. Manuppella has been doing 40 hours for
almost all of his priesthood and puts on a great dinner and a
very Holy Mass.

Leaf Cleaning Nov. 9th
Leaf Cleaning day Nov. 9th. Starting 10:15 going till
everything is done. We are putting all the leaves out for the
city to pick up the following week. Bring your blowers, tarps
and rakes.

I have been eating salad the last few weeks. All this Green
might make me healthy.

Fr. Michael