26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Sept 29th

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time      September 29th

Daily Mass
More and more people have been coming out to Daily Mass
each day.  It’s a great way to get closer to God and pray for
your loved ones.  There are also graces involved with daily
Mass.  If you are worried about someone and you want more
graces to go their way, daily Mass is for you.  Going to daily
Mass is a good way to help convince your loved ones to
come back to church.  When they see that you love Mass
enough to go during the week, they might rethink coming
back to church.

1st Friday Adoration
Please sign up for 1st Friday Adoration.  Sign up sheets in the
church.  It’s a great way to have quite time with God.  You
can also pray that you win some bags at Bingo that night.

I have included in the bulletin information about the group
“Courage”.  It is a group to help same sex attraction
Catholics live a chaste life.  God has called us all to be his
followers and to give our lives to him.  This can be difficult
if you are not able to talk about your struggles with others
trying to follow Christ.  Check out their web site for more
info.  They have informative videos that you can watch.

Extra wood
Fr. Idler down in Millville was cutting down some trees and
gave us the wood.  Only problem is I had to drive down and
get it.  I asked a brave volunteer with a truck to help me
out.  We both lifted wood for about 30 minutes.  I don’t feel
it yet, but I think I might not be able to move tomorrow

Fr. Michael