25th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 22nd

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time    September 22nd

So I am officially installed as pastor! I want to thank the
Bishop for coming out and visiting our small parish. I also
want to thank the many people who helped with the

New Pastor Training
I have been going to a training session that the diocese is
giving about how to run a parish. There are several things
I learned, and a few changes in the way the office works
that I have to make.

Religious Education
We are starting religious Education again. Please pray for
the Teachers so that they will be patient and not get
stressed out. Sometimes the kids are high energy and
cause stress!

Gifts of Food
Several people gave me gifts of food last week. They were
all great! Only problem is they were too good, and I ate
all of them right away! So, from now on, I ask that you
always ask before you give me food. I can’t resist two
good things to eat at the same time, so I have plan out my

Hearing things in my Head!
Now this all might be my own craziness, but I think my
dental implant is vibrating every time I project my voice.
There seems to be some different feeling to my jaw/skull/
navel cavity. Like something is loose. Of course, my
OCD keeps telling me that my tooth is going to fall out of
my mouth. I am trying to just ignore it but the thought
keeps popping into my head during Mass.

Fr. Michael