23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Sept. 6

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time   Sept. 6

Installation by Bishop
Try and come out next week at 5pm for my Installation Mass
with the Bishop. The more people the Bishop sees at Mass the
better. There will be light refreshments after Mass. Please
sign the sheets at the door if you want to go to the reception.

Oops I slept in!
Since we only have a 9:30 Mass on Sunday, sleeping in means
you can’t go to Mass here. The church says you must go to
Mass every Sunday. This can be at any Catholic Church not
just your parish. Luckily, we have 4 nearby parishes that have
Evening Sunday Masses.

Sunday Evening masses:
6 PM at St. Joseph Church, Hammonton
6 PM at St. Mary Church, Williamstown
5:00pm at St. Mary Church, Malaga
6 PM at Saint Isidore the Farmer Church, Vineland

Chicken BBQ
Thank you in advance to all who have helped with the Chicken
BBQ. It looks like the weather will be great. Come out and
have a good time.

Sacramental Graces
Marriage is one of the 7 sacraments of the Catholic
Church. Jesus gives many graces to help couples with their
Marriage. Catholics need to be married in the church in order
to receive these graces and this sacrament. Call me if you
need your Marriage blessed or you want to work on an

Rotisserie chicken

I have had 3 rotisserie chickens in the last week or so. I get
them from Sam’s or Walmart. No work, still hot, only $5
and no dishes to clean. I eat it right out of the plastic
packaging. It’s a lazy chicken lover’s dream meal.

Fr. Michael