22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time   September 1

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time   September 1

Watermelon and helpers
Please sign up to help at the chicken BBQ. There is a sign-up board in the church. The open slots are the area we need help. You can sign up for a set time slot. Muzzarelli Farms donates the corn and watermelon if they can find them. If they cannot, I am looking for volunteers who will help buy some Watermelons. It’s hard for one person to go out and buy 25 watermelons. It would be easier if 5 or 6 people went to different stores.

1st Friday Adoration
Please sign up for 1st Friday Adoration. It goes from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm in the church. We need at least one person at each slot. Come spend alone time with Jesus.

Cry Room Door
I have started the permit process for installing a door in the cry room so that we can leave the church open during the day. We are going install a door with the stain glass from the window. First we are going to install a regular door because it will take several months to get the fancy door delivered. 

Altar Top
I installed an Altar top that goes over the Altar. The original Altar is 4 inches shorter than most Altars and I am taller than most priests. It raised it about 3 inches and extended it a few inches on the sides. This will give a little more room on the Altar. It slides on and can be easily removed. 

Fish Update
I lost several fish this week. I put the rest in the little pond by the rectory. Something went wrong in the tank. Good news is that goldfish are really cheap. Better to learn from your mistake with 20 cent goldfish than with $20 fish. The tank is empty. I have to think about what my next move is.

Fr. Michael