20th Sunday in Ordinary Time August 18th

20th Sunday in Ordinary Time August 18th

Marian Novena
We are hosting the Knights of Columbus Marian icon this
week. We will have a novena every Night at 7pm from Sunday
to Friday. Tuesday novena will be after the Tuesday Mass.

BBQ Novena
Please pray the BBQ Novena to the Blessed Mother. Success of
our parish in the end will come only from God. So, we need to
ask God and the Blessed Mother for events to be successful.

BBQ Lawn Sign
Lawn sign are available this weekend. Last year 10 signs did
not come back. That about $75 worth. Do not put them on
public property! Last year someone put one on the corner of Cains Mill and Jackson. It was gone the next day. We cannot
afford this. Please only put them in your yard. Signs will be
numbered, and I will have a sign out sheet.

Basketball and thorns
Basketball and thorn trees do not mix well! The 8th grade
Confirmation kids had a summer education day and were
playing basketball during the breaks. However, at the end of the
day my basketball was flat. I might have to trim all the thorns
of the lemon tree or move the basketball hoop.

Power aid Bottles
After giving out Holy Water last week, I realized that the bottles
were a little to big. 20 oz power aid bottles are the perfect size
and toughness. Regular water bottles are too small and
flimsy. If anyone in the family drinks power aid, save the bottle
for me. I will have them available for when ever someone needs
Holy Water.

Fr. Michael