19th Sunday in Ordinary Time August 11th

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time August 11th

Almost got a cat
On Tuesday I was going on a sick call. I drove over to the
church. I heard a few meows. Then I got out looked around,
went into church and got Jesus. I forgot I need to put something
in the garage. I drove to the garage, I heard it again. I looked all
around; no cat. Then I drove towards Cains Mill and I heard it
again. “There is a cat in the car somewhere” I said to myself. I
got out and popped the hood. Sure enough a kitten was in the
engine. He ran off before I could grab him. Too bad; he missed
out on a good home. I currently don’t want a cat, but if God
drops one in my lap like he almost did I might change my mind.

Our Lady, Help of Persecuted Christians
Starting Sunday the 18th and going all week, we are hosting the
Knights of Columbus Icon. This year it is Our Lady, Help of
Persecuted Christians. We are going to say the novena prayers,
the Rosary and have a very short homily on Mary each
night. The time will 7pm each night from Sunday the 18th to
Friday the 23rd. Tuesdays prayers will be after Mass starting at
Please come out at least once and help pray for persecuted
Christians. Come every night if you want to make a little
retreat of it.

Vacation Bible School starts on Monday. You can still register
to come. Bring your kids, grandkids, etc …. It should be fun.

Cry room Door.
We are in the process of getting bids on doors for the cry
room. We are displaying a picture at the entrance of the church
so that people can get an idea of what it will look like. The door
will include the stain glass from the window that will be replaced
with the door. The goal is to be able to leave the church open
during the day and give people access at night to be able to pray
in church.

Fr. Michael