16th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 21 

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 21 

Fish Troubles
With my trip to LA, I think I did not clean the tank soon enough. A gold fish died and was in a spot I did not see. This caused the water to go bad and I lost a few more fish. I moved some of the bigger fish outside and I had to do a quick water change and cleaning of tank and filter. I think I solved the problem. We have not lost any more fish in the last few days.

Bible Boot Camp
This week will be busy for me as I will be having 4 hours of class a day from Monday to Saturday. It is still not too late to come out. Work books are $20.

Roller skating
About 12 altar servers (along with Parents) came out to the Hammonton skate center on Sunday. It was fun! I only fell down once because I tried to stop and turn around too fast. During the summer they let you in for free, you only have to pay for rentals if you don’t have your own skates.

On the Road again
My mom failed her written driving test last month by one question. They were nice and gave her another month. We studied together the whole time I was out in LA. I even ran questions by her over the phone. She passed this week so she is free to drive to church again.

Fr. Michael