15th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 14th

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 14th

Long Trip
It took 19 hours to get home from my mom’s house. We left my mom’s house at 7pm California time so that my brother and his family could catch his 11pm flight. I had a 1am flight out of LA. This went to Denver and then to Chicago. The flight in Chicago got delayed a couple of hours because of storms that closed the Philly airport. Then when we got to Philly, we had to wait an extra half hour for the bags because the lighting shut down the baggage ram. So, I finally got home at 5pm local time.

Boot Camp
Bible Boot Camp starts in a week. I have to do some Bible cramming to be ready for the class. It’s 6 to 8 hours of reading but I will take one hour a day. See me after Mass to sign up or contact the office.

Wedding Bells
My nephew Robert got married last Sunday. I did the ceremony. They had an outdoor reception at a local park near the beach. Being Southern California, it was actually a little cold outside.

Now that the septic has been finished, we have the grounds back to normal. The grass is growing well. It’s kind of looking strange with no weeds. Hopefully the grass stays!

Fr. Michael