14th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 7, 2019

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 7, 2019

No trip to California is complete without an earthquake. I was
awakened from my late Thursday morning nap by the swaying
of the house back and forth. Spending many years in
California, I am used to this and my only thought, “I don’t
think I will be able to get back to sleep”.

Lion, tigers and monkeys Oh My!
My brother and a few of his kids and I went to a “learning
Zoo” at a local university. The students there were
learning how to take care of exotic animals. (No Bears
though). The coolest of the animals was the lion, who,
being the king, was sleeping on his back with his legs up in
the air. The cuties of the animals were the sugar gliders.
They are furry, cute, can glide, and have big eyes.

Bible Boot Camp.
Extra Bible boot camp books will arrive on Monday.
Call the office to pick one up. They are $20.

My nephew Robert is marrying Emma on Sunday July
7th. She was born in Quebec and is French Canadian just
like all the Goyettes. My Great Grandparents moved to
Massachusetts. My Grandfather was actually born in
Canada when his mom was visiting the family in
Quebec. However, someone made fun of
my grandfather’s accent when he was visiting Quebec,
so he never went back.

Coming Home
I am coming home on Thursday afternoon. Family is
nice, but the different mattress and time schedules are
starting to wear on me. I am looking forward to my own
bed. I also have a rough flight ahead. I leave at 12:40 am
LA time. I fly to Denver, and then to Chicago before
getting home in Philadelphia 10 hours later.

Fr. Michael