13th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 30th

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time June 30th

Your New Pastor
The Bishop has appointed me pastor starting July 1st for a 6 year term. What does this mean? The only difference is the length. An administrator is only short term, but a pastor has stability.

Fight to LA
My connecting flight gate in Houston was right next to my arriving flight. I have never gotten this lucky! However, I had a 6-hour layover 

Mom Moving
The movers came and moved my mom last week. When I arrived in LA the house was empty. I slept in the old house for the last time. The next morning, we packed up everything and went up to the new house. We have been unpacking. It has been fun going through all the old memories.
The house is crowed as my brother is here with his family. He has 6 kids. All the rooms where taken so I am sleeping in the garage in order to have some quiet.

Nephew wedding
My brother John‚Äôs oldest son is getting married next Sunday. He is busy adding a patio to his back yard so they can have the rehearsal dinner party at his place. In case you are wondering about it being too hot, it’s never too hot out here. He lives on the side of the mountain so there is always a cool breeze coming across the house. In fact, you need a sweatshirt or sweater if you are going to be outside at night.

Fr. Michael