Septic is Done!
After a few years, the septic is finally fixed for the rectory. It will take a few weeks for the grass to grow in the place. What will break next? We also put another layer of rocks on the gravel parking lot next to the Hall.

I will be away in LA for the next 18 days. I will mainly be helping my mom unpack. The movers came on Thursday and moved her to her new house. She will be living a half mile from my brother with the 9 kids. I always hate getting ready for vacation. There is always too much to do.

I played some more basketball this week. I was only a little sore the next day. I play a high school teacher not to be named, he won the first 3 games, but I won the 4th. Of course, I quit at that point. Go out while you are on top!

Thank you to all the people who helped with the Corpus Christi Procession. Unless it rains it should give glory to the Son present in the Eucharist.

Wine Tasting
The House of Charity volunteer dinner was held at Tomasello Winery. They had two dry wines which tasted great to everyone else, but I could not stand them. I just don’t like dry wines! The Peach Moscato was great! The more sugar in it, the better.

Fr. Michael