Most Holy Trinity June 16th

Most Holy Trinity June 16th

We had a nice brunch for the altar servers / choir / CCD
teachers. Lots of pancakes were eaten! Thank you to
parish council who did all the work!

I am going to LA on June 24 to be with my mom and
family for 2 and half weeks. My nephew Robert is
getting married July 7th. My mom is currently moving
next to my brother. We will help clean out her old

Lindsay construction started working on Tuesday and
will be done next week. Lots of dirt all around the place!

Corpus Christi Procession
Next week we have the procession. I have sign up sheets
at the door if you want to help out with an altar.

I have been enjoying Xbox Golf game, Golf Club 2019. It
was free with xbox live. I have enjoyed learning how
drive and putt. I am not very good, but it is fun. Even
tempting me to go out and try the real thing.

Walking Group
Due to the summer heat, the Thursday noon walking
group will be cancelled until September.

Fr. Michael