Seventh Sunday of Easter June 2nd

Seventh Sunday of Easter June 2nd

15th Anniversary
Thank you to the Koffee Klatch who made breakfast for about 70 people. The food was great, and everyone enjoyed themselves.  I received lots of snacks as gifts and one spider man shirt.  There were about 50 people at the 9:30 Mass before the brunch.

Altar Server Bench
The altar servers have a new bench in front of the Baptismal Font. The money to buy it was donated in memory of Kenneth Thon.  Ken was only in the lakes for the last few weeks of his life, but I was able to visit him several times.  The bench was refinished by James Fahy who sells some of his stuff at the Antique Marketplace in Hammonton.  It’s across from Wawa and it says Frank Mazza on the building.  I had never been there till this week.  The place is huge.  Two stories with about 10 to 15 different people selling their stuff.

Corpus Christi
We are going to have a traditional Corpus Christi procession.  Usually they just have one procession but since we only have two Masses we will have one after each Mass.  It will be a Eucharistic procession with the monstrance going around the property stopping at 3 different altars.  The altars will be decorated by different groups of the parish.  Let me know if you want to help.

Hopefully by the time you read this many of the trees will be cut down. Feel free to help cut up some of the wood; let me know if you can.  This Saturday June 8th we will have the final day to cut whatever is left.

1st Friday Adoration
We will have adoration from 10am (after Mass) till 5pm this 1st Friday. Sign up sheet will be on the board at back of church (like 40 hours). Please come out this Friday June 7th to talk to Jesus.

Up and down like wave
I have almost put on all the weight I lost this winter.  So, it’s time to try and lose it again.  I wish I would time it better.  You need the insulation during the winter but not the summer

Fr. Michael