6th Sunday of Easter May 26th

6th Sunday of Easter May 26th

15th Anniversary

Please come out on Wednesday morning for my Anniversary Brunch. Fr. Sinatra, his parents, and staff are also coming. Starts at 10:30. Sign up in the back of church or on Facebook. Everyone is welcome including little kids. Mass is at 9:30 if you want to come pray with me on my anniversary.

40 Hours and 41st Birthday

40 hours went well and everyone who participated seemed to have great time. Fr. Tony gave the homily and over 80 people showed up. We had cake afterwards in the hall and half the people who attended Mass stayed to celebrate. 12 Priests came for dinner before the Devotion closing Mass and 10 stayed for Mass. Thank you to all who helped with dinner and Mass.


Confirmation went well. The Bishop seemed to enjoy
himself. He especially enjoyed the radishes. He loves radishes. Thank you to Dot and Jenn for their work with 8th Grade. Thank you to the Parish council who cooked lunch for the Bishop.

Bible Boot Camp

Starting July 22, I am having a Bible boot camp. Using Ascension press’ study, we will go through the whole Bible in 8 hours or 4 days or Friday and Saturday. The reading will take about 16 hours, with is just 15 minutes a day if you start now. Start reading Genesis now and get a head start. Handouts will be available in the back of church with the reading list and time. I will also have an Audio Version available if you want to just listen in the car.

Odd facts

I cleaned up the rectory to impress the Bishop so that he will think I am always clean. My cleaning comes and goes. I have gotten 3 used bookshelves over the last few days and so my books are all neat now. They were in milk crates before, which made it hard to find books. 

Fr. Michael